The readymade garment RMG industry in Bangladesh has experienced an unprecedented growth over the last three decades and become a fast growing industry in Bangladesh. This industry plays a vital role in the economy in terms of export earnings, employment generation, poverty alleviation and empowering the woman. For development of this sector, Bangladesh needs to emphasize on the factory working environment, social issues, labor relations and compliances with codes of conduct.

Bangladesh garment sector now passing a very crucial time due to Codes of Conduct problem massively. International buyers are pressurizing on the issue of Codes Conduct Compliance in the RMG sector of the country. The prospects of RMG sector, however in Bangladesh not only depends on availability of cheap labor and governments liberal policy but also depends on compliance with codes of conduct.

Skylink Fashion Ltd shall be operated in full compliance with the applicable rules, laws and regulations of our country including those relations to labor health, hygiene safety and environment. We also follow international labor laws and UN regulations.

The compliance department is supervising compliance of every aspect of offering by this. This department is headed by an experienced and qualified manager with trained team of workforce. Our factory is determined to live up to its reputation as a model in Bangladesh RMG sector.