Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society. CSR is relatively a new concept in Bangladesh, and is being discussed vigorously among the business community in recent times. As yet, the corporate houses suffer due to a lack of clarity about CSR procedure, practice and performance. Skylink Fashion Limited and its concerns have been engaged in implementing various philanthropic, humanitarian and CSR activities from the very first beginning. We are strengthening our internal capacity to address the CSR issues through a more comprehensive approach.

Apart from the beginning, more than 1000 job opportunities for the country has been created, Skylink Group is also concern about its corporate social responsibilities and they are engaged in multifaceted activities like educational, social and free health care programs.

Our CSR commitments are:
Conduct business with transparency and integrity.
Company works with all legal requirements to conduct business.
Emphasizing and rewarding for better performance.
To become environment friendly.
Emphasizing on the uplifting the local community.
Focusing on improved service to the employees, customers and stake holders.