In Skylink Fashion Ltd. a group of Merchandisers are working relentlessly and acting as a strong bondage in between the buyer and the factory. Merchandising sub-groups are re-created to give effective support to respective buyer to ship goods on-time.

In garments sector, merchandising is an important department which negotiates marketing and production department at the same time. To make smooth the merchandising activities every merchandiser has to follow a process flow chart by which anyone can do his work very smartly.

This department is entrusted with the responsibilities of marketing and merchandising of all products of Skylink Fashions Ltd. An expert team who are well experienced and well known in the field of global garments industry heads this department. Since all are assisted by a group of qualified professionals with the rank and status of GM and Executives.

Our Merchandisers work closely with the designers and factories to give effective support to respective buyers.