Our commitment is, we shall try to satisfy all of our customers by supplying them quality products with zero tolerance defects on schedule time. We will try to fulfill buyer requirements & exceed their expectation by continuous quality improvement.

To ensure the maximum quality of product our team are working behind it. The team includes: Quality assurance GM, Quality assurance manager, QC In charge, Quality controller and Quality Inspector.

The entire merchandise product undergoes a strict scrutiny of quality. Quality merchandise does not just come out the machines. We strive hard to produce quality items on a consistence basis; and to sustain a high level of quality. We adhere to the quality control manuals provided by our clients.

We carry out approx 10% to 20% inspection of all pieces of goods prior to spreading. Four points system are followed to classify defects. Defects classification list has been set up to simplify the language and judgments used to make visual fabric evaluation. Rolls are segregated shade wise prior to spreading.

Final pattern are checked thoroughly against measurement to control spec deviation, ply numbering, stickers and building is followed to control shading within lots. Random sampling is done prior to cutting to determine shrinkage and any other characteristic that may exist in the fabric.

In line audit is carried out by qualified inspectors to correct the problem at the sewing level rather than after the garments have been completely assembled. Written qualities standard are set up to give emphasis on critical operation. A separate Quality Assurance team independent of production has been appointed to evaluate the quality of goods being sewn.

Once merchandise has been duly checked or inspected by the finishing section, a final audit is carried out by qualified Quality Controllers. Merchandise are presently audited at 4.0 AQL and we are seeking to attain 2.5 AQL in the near future. We are always maintaining and following our production as per product safety guide.